Hi, Nice to Meet You!

We all need a place to belong. A place where we are welcomed and understood. A place to ask awkward questions and wrestle with tough moral choices. You are welcome to join us in our walk of faith.

God knows us and loves us. He wants us to know and love Him. We need meaning and purpose in our lives and a way to discern truth. We approach God through scripture, prayer, community and reflection. We refine our understanding of God and ourselves through conversation with other travelers on the journey of life.

Scripture promises us that if we seek, we will find. If we ask, we will receive and if we knock, the door will be opened. We hope you will join us Sunday mornings at First Baptist Church Woodstock, where those who seek, ask and knock are welcomed and encouraged.

Core Values, Vision and Mission Statements

In 2022 our Deacons, working with the congregation, published our Core Values, Vision Statement and Mission Statement
after a process of discernment, reading scripture, praying and engaging in discussion to determine what our focus should be moving forward.

Our core values express what we believe holds us together as a community of faith (images with text)
Our Vision Statement describes what we look like when we are able to full live out our core values (in blue lettering)
Our Mission Statement describes the actions we take to live out our core values (in green lettering)

We are faithful
declaring biblical truth and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ

We build one another up through sermons, bible studies and gatherings to come fully and deeply to know the message of Jesus Christ recorded in scripture. We publicly declare God’s truths by talking to others in our
community and sharing who we are with our city and the world.

We are hospitable
revealing God’s love and forgiveness through our kindness

We take care in how we treat one another, choosing our words carefully and paying attention to their impact on others. We seek to raise awareness of sin and conflict and communicate God’s promise to forgive. We foster healing and restoration in our relationships with God and one another.

We are broken
seeking healing from God as we embrace His love and pray for each other

We recognize that we are dependent upon God’s grace and mercy. We approach God through prayer and intercession, asking God to heal and restore us. We offer care and support to those who are in need through our Benevolent Fund and personal acts of care and kindness.

We are united
following Jesus and walking with the Holy Spirit toward the Father through word, music, and shared commitment to God’s will

We meet regularly to worship on Sunday mornings and throughout the week in Bible studies, prayer gatherings and times of fellowship. We are united into one body through worship, lifting our hearts together. We celebrate together the important milestones of birth, death, and marriage, standing together in moments of hope and sorrow.